A Good Book – Bernd Kuchenbeiser



« I’m not an obsessive collector, but I find my books taking up more and more shelf space. My growing library and my work as a designer have increasingly raised a nagging question in my mind : what’s ‘A Good Book’?

I’m sure that a consensus can be found for the special quality of a ‘good book’, but I have a hard time nailing down solid criteria. My arguments are often self-contradictory : I can love details in one book and dislike them in another. I forgive the sloppy design or production in one book because I’m held spellbound by its contents; another book I’d like only to feel but never to read. Sometimes the design, a sensual aspect, brings contents to life that I’d otherwise never have discovered. » (cit. agoodbook.de)

A Good Book est un projet de Bernd Kuchenbeiser

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