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« Computer Graphics & Art was an excellent quarterly publication highly focused in computer graphics and computer artists who were using and experimenting with this media back in the 70’s. It was produced in Chico, CA and published by Berkeley Enterprises Inc. The magazine worked for only 3 years, the time for publishing 12 great issues from 1976 to 1978. Each magazine has around 35 pages including essays, several illustrations from works and studies and descriptions from different artists such as Manfred Mohr.


‹ COMPUTER GRAPHICS & ART is a new international quarterly of interdisciplinary computer graphics for graphics people and computer artists. This new periodical is aimed at students, teachers, people from undergraduate and graduate institutions, researchers, and individuals working professionally in graphics. Its topical coverage is broad, embracing a variety of fields. It is useful, informative, entertaining, and current. › » (cit.


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