150 years of designs for the Dutch Postal Services

150 years of designs for the Dutch Postal Services in pictures
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« Many Dutch designers contributed to the success of the high-profile design policy of the Post Office Board. For more than a century, a large number of prominent designers created stamps and posters on behalf of then state-owned postal services, from K.P.C. de Bazel to Piet Zwart and from Jan Bons to Ping Pong Design. All kinds of designs and techniques are displayed on the site.

Together, the designs for stamps, the stamps themselves and the posters offer a fascinating survey covering 150 years of graphic design in the Netherlands. The great number of stamp designs in particular offer insight into a field that has remained practically unknown up to now. The digital selection made by the Memory of the Netherlands forms a unique component of the Museum voor Communicatie’s much larger collection and takes the viewer on a captivating journey of discovery. » (cit. geheugenvannederland.nl)