Sans Everything

Série de conférences réalisées dans le cadre de l’événement :
Sans Everything | 19-21 octobre 2016 | Ésad Amiens
Avec la participation de Elena Albertoni, Rejane Dal Bello, Indra Kupferschmid,
Gerry Leonidas, Jean-Baptiste Levée, Christina Poth, Alice Savoie & Dorine Sauzet.

“The bicentenary of the first sans serif typeface, shown in 1816 in a specimen of the foundry of William Caslon IV, was the pretext to initiate an international conference about the history, the design and the use of sans serif letterforms. This cross-disciplinary, free event is accompanied by two substantial exhibitions: Traits lettres bâtons and Pangramme: learning type design.” (cit.

Indra Kupferschmid — Sans Everything

Alice Savoie & Dorine Sauzet — Serif or sans serif ?
Studying Ladislas Mandel’s typefaces for telephone directories

Christina Poth – Why —and how
designing custom typefaces for institutional actors?

Jean-Baptiste Levée — The sans serif as a design pattern:
finding artistic renewal in repeating environments

Gerry Leonidas — Helvetica is dead

Elena Albertoni — Stroke by stroke

Rejane Dal Bello — Negation