Bruno Maag – lectures


« Bruno Maag will be discussing the different aspects of why type needs to be considered more carefully and explain the different design and technical processes. He will also be discussing the release of his new typeface Aktiv Grotesk. And yes, Helvetica will get a black eye, too.

Bruno Maag began his typographic career with a traditional apprenticeship as a typesetter at the Tages-Anzeiger, Switzerland’s largest daily newspaper. His education in typography and visual communcations was expanded further at the world-renowned Basel School of Design in Switzerland, where he studied under the supervision of Andre Guertler and Wolfgang Weingart. After graduation, Bruno emigrated to England to work at Monotype, where he was responsible for drawing letterforms using both traditional hand skills as well as digital software. He was subsequently promoted to head of the custom font department, and transferred to the Chicago-USA office, where, amongst other projects, he worked to digitally recreate the fonts for The New Yorker magazine. In 1991, Bruno returned to the UK and established Dalton Maag. With offices in London, Vienna, Hong Kong and Brazil, the company employs 39 people from ten countries, and handles a wide variety of projects, many of them large and high profile. Dalton Maag‘s international clients include Nokia, Ubuntu, the FA Cup, Toyota and BMW. A specialty of the firm is non-Latin scripts, including Devanagari, Arabic, Cyrillic and Hebrew. »

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